“The stories and teachings you are about to read from Benny Perez are personal, raw, heartbreaking, and ultimately, if you will stay with them to the end, transformational. They expose the nitty-gritty of following God with passion, humor, and transparency. I have never read a message like this about what life can throw at us in this world. Even better, I have never before come away from a book with the realization of how much more God truly provides if we continue to trust and pursue Him.”
--From the foreword by Jentezen Franklin
Senior pastor of Free Chapel, Gainesville, GA
New York Times best-selling author of Fasting

“Benny Perez gives us the tangible realization that our difficulties can often be the very things God uses to help us discover the most out of life!”
--Ed Young, Senior Pastor, Fellowship Church,
author, Outrageous, Contagious Joy and The New York Times bestseller Sexperiment

“In More, you’re going to see that God can use even your lowest points to catapult you into His higher purpose for your life.”
--Steven Furtick, Lead Pastor, Elevation Church,
bestselling author, Sun Stand Still and Greater

"Get ready for an exciting journey filled with hard questions and clear answers. Get ready for more.”
-- John Bevere, Messenger International
Speaker and bestselling author, Relentless and The Bait of Satan

Excerpt from More

What a journey we are about to embark on together. Honestly, reading these pages back to myself, I sometimes wonder how my family and I made it through those heartbreaking circumstances. It was truly God’s grace. I know it sounds cheesy right now, because you have yet to experience this story, but looking back it was a lot like that old poem “Footprints in the San.” That’s the one that talks about two sets of footprints side by side, God and me walking through life together. Then the scene changes to only one set, and we think that means we were making the journey alone. However, in the end, God tells us there was only one set of footprints because He was carrying us through. Funny as it sounds, that picture accurately represents our story. The only way I could have made it through was with Him carrying me.

Reflecting on two devastating years of my life, however, just makes the subsequent victories all the more joyous. How could we have ever known God would take what the enemy meant for evil and turn it around for good? But He did, in fact, make it really good!

Grace is a beautiful thing. It’s the unearned favor of God. It’s God doing for you what you can’t do for yourself. Looking back, I don’t think I passed some sort of “test of God” and therefore was blessed with buildings, children, and favor—but I do believe God strengthened me, and that now I am enjoying another facet of His grace. In the end, I don’t deserve any of it—it’s all Him.

He kept me close in every dark moment and continued to surround me in every victorious one. Because Jesus began this work, He brought me this far, He writes the book of my life—He will finish it. He will fulfill all of His promises. He will do it. All I have to do is hang on to Him.

Please hear me when I say I write this to encourage you. I’m writing this book for you! If you haven’t gone through any storms or difficulties in life, then this book is not for you . . . yet! You need to know that you can do this—you can make it. The reality is there were so many moments during those couple of years that I wasn’t sure I could make it, but others came alongside to support and sustain me, and that enabled me to hang on and believe in a God of more than enough. I hope and pray that’s what I can do for you: support you, encourage you, and infuse hope into your situation. Life is not over—His grace is still there. This is not your final chapter. Do not put a period where God puts a comma!

Here comes grace! Here comes more!

Benny Perez
Las Vegas, Nevada

About the Book

More is a message of “spiritual addition” for people who are in the midst of life’s “subtractions”—unemployment, divorce, illness, emotional, financial, or spiritual upheaval. In 2010, three days before Easter, Benny and his wife Wendy lost a child in the womb. Even worse, it happened right before their eyes during a routine sonogram. As they watched the heart monitor in horror, their child’s heartbeat fell and finally flat-lined. A day later, Wendy nearly died from blood loss after what should have been a routine follow-up procedure. Immediately after this incident, Benny had to preach ten messages to thousands of people on Easter weekend. More is Benny’s journey through this broken period, as he uses the biblical story of Paul’s shipwreck on the island of Malta (Acts 28-29) to show people how to kindle a fire for God even when all we can find, like Paul, is “wet wood on a stormy day.” Perez has walked through the valley, and has come out the other side—humbled, strengthened, and passionate about Christ’s ability to meet us in our darkest moments. In More, he offers hope, healing, and practical, “real life” advice from someone who has been there—helping those who have been shattered pick up the pieces once again.

Meet the Author
Benny Perez

Benny Perez is the lead pastor of The Church at South Las Vegas, which has grown from 27 people to more than 3,500 since 2003.  Benny, his wife, Wendy Perez, and their three children live in Las Vegas.

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