Embracing Grace

Settling the Guilt That Unsettles You

Daniel A. Brown

Many Christians wake up in the morning with a sense that something just isn’t quite right—a feeling that they haven’t quite done enough, prayed enough, or confessed enough to make themselves worthy of God’s love. In this biblically rich, but highly accessible new book from Daniel Brown, believers will be given the tools to overcome their “low grade guilt” and rediscover—or discover for the first time—the liberating, all-in grace that Christ promised us through His death and resurrection. In “low shelf” terms, Brown provides a clear overview of Law and Grace, and how God has provided both—not to point out what we are doing wrong, but to help us more fully live in the love He has given to us. In Embracing Grace, guilt-weary readers will be able to: clearly understand the relationship between Grace and the Law; equip themselves with the tools to overcome the lies of the adversary; and appropriate their position in Christ on a daily basis. Easy-to-read, short chapters break down the oft-confusing subjects of Grace, Law, Old Covenant, New Covenant, and more. It’s time to fully embrace grace.

Meet the Author

For 22 years Daniel Brown pastored The Coastlands (Aptos, CA), a congregation that birthed 37 other congregations under his leadership. Daniel now travels more than 100,000 miles per year convincing believers, in nations and churches around the world, that God has great ministry plans for them. He holds a PhD in Higher Education from UCLA, but abandoned life as a college instructor to become a pastor.

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I wrote these words in my journal several years ago: “Where does all the condemnation come from? When I violate His commands, I am so ashamed, and such terrible guilt presses in on me, I can hardly bear to talk to the One who assures my ultimate forgiveness. That doesn’t make any sense. If He only hates the sin—not the sinner (me)—why am I so reluctant to come into His presence after I have done wrong? If I am no longer ‘under law, but under grace,’1 why is the Law’s voice still so loud judging me? Does God want me to feel disgusted with myself? Because I do…” The deep question worries and gnaws at our soul: “How does ‘Be Good’ work with ‘Be Forgiven’?” It is the question that most unsettles believers. It spills into our mind, again and again, accompanied by countless clusters of anxious speculations: ∙ Has my sin severed me from God’s mercy and love? Have I fallen away? ∙ Because I presumed on God’s grace and allowed my sin to go on for so long, am I past the point of redemption? ∙ God knows me for what I am—a hypocrite living a lie; does He wish He never saved me? ∙ How can God still love me after what I have done? ∙ Have I crossed the final line by doing what I did? Is my repentance legitimate? ∙ Is God still in my life, and can things ever be the same between us after what I’ve done? ∙ Am I even still saved? We know we're supposed to confess our sins after our guilty actions—and receive forgiveness. But many times, the guilt doesn't go away. We cannot deny our wrongdoing, and even if we could, we don't want to, anymore. Even if we secretly enjoy the sin and have no idea how to resist it, we want the temptation gone! We feel its contamination. Do these words echo your thoughts? If so, then this book is for you! 1 Romans 6:14

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978 1 78078 102 0 Trade Paperback 224 pages $14.99

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Ship Date December 17, 2012. In-store January 15, 20133

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Key Selling Features

  • Foreword by beloved, internationally known leader and best-selling author Jack Hayford.
  • Includes stories from Daniel’s travels around the globe —accessible for Americans and internationals alike.
  • Easy-to-read, short chapters provide clear, accessible tools to make grace a daily reality.
  • Endorsements: Mike Kai, Wayne Cordeiro, and many other Christian leaders.


  • Major social media campaign.
  • Targeted publicity for major Radio and TV outlets.
  • Book trailer at book website.