Hope For a Widow's Heart

Encouraging Reflections For Your Journey

Quin Sherrer

Only a widow knows what it’s like to lose her spouse — the overwhelming chasm of grief, loss, confusion, and even anger. In this touching, heart-felt book from veteran best-selling author Quin Sherrer, widows will receive practical help, hope, and healing for the road forward. Written in short, easy, devotional-style readings for those going through the grief process, Quin walks hand in hand, sharing her own story as a widow, as well as the stories of many others who have walked the same road. Receive hope and healing after a loss as you walk directly into the arms of the Savior. There is life, indeed, after death.

Meet the Author

Quin Sherrer has authored or co-authored twenty-nine books, with total sales eclipsing one million copies. Her books include such bestsellers as A Woman’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare, Miracles Happen When You Pray, and How to Pray for Your Children. She has taught internationally on the subject of prayer for more than four decades, and has been a guest on such shows as The 700 Club, 100 Huntley Street, Daystar Television Network and the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Quin has a heart for widows, having lost her own husband, LeRoy, in 2008. She has three children and six grandchildren. Contact Quin at www.quinsherrer.com.

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I spread a green blanket over my husband’s grave and plopped down on it. Opening my small Bible, I began to read it aloud. I had come to hear from the Lord, to reassure myself of His promises. Christmas, just three days away, would mark my 54th wedding anniversary. This year I was planning no celebration. My husband had gone to heaven a few weeks earlier, and today I made the forty-minute drive to deliver a red poinsettia to his grave. The breeze from the Gulf of Mexico, just a block away, almost drowned out my voice as I began to quote Psalm 23, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” Then personalizing Psalm 121, I yelled into the wind, “The Lord is my Keeper. The Lord will protect me from all evil; He will keep my soul; He will guard my going out and my coming in forever.” For the next thirty minutes, I shouted various Scriptures—letting God’s precious Word minister to my heart as tears spilled onto my blanket. The Lord seemed to whisper to me, “What do you see?” Looking around, I observed acres of gravesites and realized I was alone in the cemetery. Before I could respond to His question, His voice came again. “Yes, everyone here in this place is dead. You are the only one alive. So get up and act alive!” His direction startled me. “Get up and act alive.” Yes, that’s what I had come to hear. My watershed moment, my turning-around point, had come to me in a cemetery. I would go home and celebrate my anniversary with some of my children and grandchildren on Christmas Day. The Lord is indeed my keeper! His keeping power will sustain me. I will act alive. I am alive.

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Ship Date January 7, 2013. In-store February 5, 2013

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BISAC: RELIGION/Christian Life/Death, Grief, Bereavement (REL 012 010)

Key Selling Features

  • Best-selling author with more than 1 million books sold.
  • Foreword by Jane Hansen Hoyt, President of Aglow International - the largest women's ministry in the world.
  • Endorsements: Dutch Sheets, Marion Bond West, Dee Eastman, Diana Hagee, Tommy Tenney, Rev. Peter Lord and wife Johnnie, Mary Jo Pierce, Elizabeth Sherrill.
  • Includes US and international testimonies.
  • Easy to read, short devotions for those needing quick comfort.


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