In My Defense

An Unlikely Romance, a Deadly Gunshot, and a Young Widow's Road to Redemption

Leigh Ann Bryant

Meet the Author

LEIGH ANN BRYANT, an award-winning writer, survived her marriage to an abusive man, whom she ultimately killed in self-defense. She was jailed and stood trial for capital murder. Leigh Ann has worked as a registered nurse in several areas of specialty, and currently works as an acute-care dialysis nurse. She speaks at prisons throughout the US telling her riveting story, and lives with her husband and son in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


When Leigh Ann pulled the trigger... her life changed forever

On a balmy night, everything changed in the stilling of a heartbeat...

During Leigh Ann's psychiatric clinical work as a nursing student, a patient swept off her feet with his dazzling good looks and charm. But soon after marrying Mr. Right, things began to go horribly wrong. Believing the best of the man she loved, she endured the heartache and abuse until his threats turned deadly.

In the early hours of September 16, 1994, Leigh Ann Bryant, fearing for her life and that of her young son, shot and killed her husband. Panicked and afraid of retaliation, she told the police an intruder had committed the crime. Indicted for murder, and subsequently jailed, Leigh Ann's journey of desperation miraculously turned to one of ultimate healing.
Leigh Ann's story will grip and shake you, and never let you go.

Product Details

ISBN // 978-1-78078-106-8 (paperback)

978-1-78078-206-5 (eBook)

PRICE // $14.99

PAGES // 320 pp


FORMAT // 5 1/2" x 8 7/16" PB 

SUBJECT // Biography & Autobiography/
                     Religion/Christian Ministry/
                     Counseling & Recovery
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                     (FAM 001 000)

RIGHTS // World

SHIP DATE // November 25, 2013

IN_STORE // December 10, 2013

Key Points

  • A dramatic real-life story straight out of a 48 Hours episode.
  • Author travels extensively, speaking on the topic of abuse prevention and treatment.
  • Leigh Ann Bryant’s harrowing account awakens us to a real and up-close appraisal of life in its strongest attempt to find true love beyond the shadows of human pain. We were created to love and be loved. But what happens when the desire to feel complete meets a camouflaged persona that pulls you into a dark world with no way of escape? Leigh Ann’s powerful story is of a broken woman in need of a Healer. It is a story that will give you hope: No matter what you face in life, there is encouragement on the journey toward your heavenly Father, who will take your pain and use it for a purpose. — Rebecca Nichols Alonzo Speaker and Author of The Devil in Pew Number Seven
  • I constantly hear stories of people turning their lives around from “crime to Christ.” Leigh Ann Bryant’s book In My Defense, however, is outstanding because the turnaround is so dramatic. The author’s honesty in revealing her inner motives and admitting guilt for the ways she fouled up is refreshing. This makes the change Christ brings more obvious, and this true story infinitely more inspirational. — Bill Glass, All-Pro NFL Football Player, Founder of Bill Glass Champions for Life


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  • Major social media campaign including launch team.
  • Targeted publicity for major Radio and TV outlets.

Target Audience

In My Defense is for anyone who has felt alone or hopeless at the hands of abuse-whether it is emotional, physical, sexual, or spiritual. It offers tangible hope for victims-and those who love them-who are earnestly seeking the light of healing and freedom.