Love Junkies

Christy Johnson

Meet the Author

As a former love junkie, Christy Johnson knows the pain and chaos that accompanies toxic relationships. After a disastrous first marriage filled with addiction and adultery and the tragic death of her youngest son, Christy has found the beauty on the other side of brokenness. Today, as a certified life coach, inspirational speaker, ordained minister and soul-health advocate, Christy spends her time speaking nationally sharing her story and encouraging others with the hope and power of God. She and her heavenpicked husband, John, and their family, reside in Oklahoma City.


A “Hand Up” for Women Stuck in the Toxic Love Rut

Do romantic relationships leave you miserable and confused? Are you tired of getting into a relationship and as soon as the initial buzz is gone you get that sinking feeling that whispers, what am I doing? Did the “new” wear off as soon as the wedding bells rang? Experts say that we gravitate toward relationships within a ten-point spread of our own IQ. Likewise, in the realm of soul-health, we also attract those with whom we are most emotionally compatible. That can be a good thing, or a bad thing—it depends on how much baggage we carry around! What if there was a way to diagnose your soul-health and create a plan for improvement so you could enjoy more satisfying romantic relationships?  Complete with an online Soul-Health Profile that will help you assess your own soul-health and identify areas of weakness, Love Junkies is just that—an action plan and detailed guide to help you eliminate toxic behaviors that jeopardize your soul health and keep you stuck in unhealthy relationships. You’ll learn how to change your habits and heal your soul and most importantly, break the toxic relationship cycle!

FOREWORDShannon Ethridge, bestselling author of the Every Woman’s Battle books with Steve Arterburn, and The Sexually Confident Woman.

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ISBN // 978-1-78078-228-7 (Paperback)
             978-1-78078-346-8 (eBook)

PRICE // $14.99

PAGES // 244 pp

FORMAT // 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" PB

SUBJECT // Religion/Christian Life/Relationships
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SHIP DATE // February 17, 2014

IN_STORE // March 18, 2014

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Target Audience

Love Junkies is written for any woman who is committed to improving her “relationship IQ” and discovering healthier ways to relate to men. It is a message of hope for the weary, and encouragement for the burned out. Whether married, single, or single-again, every woman will be empowered to take tangible steps toward God’s desire for them and their relationships.
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