Loving Your Rebellious Child

A Survival Guide for Parents of Prodigals

H. Norman Wright

Meet the Author

H. NORMAN WRIGHT is a well-respected Christian counselor who has helped thousands of people improve their relationships and deal with parenting issues, grief, tragedy, and other concerns. He helps parents and families apply practical, biblical tools to everyday issues through counseling, seminars, and more than 90 books, including Recovering From the Losses of Life, Experiencing Grief, Before You Say “I Do” and Communication: Key to Your Marriage. Norm’s many devotional books, including Strong to the Core, Quiet Times for Couples and Quiet Times for Every Parent, also reveal insights for spiritual growth, great relationships, comfort and recovery. He and his wife, Tess, enjoy their children, grandchildren, various pets, and fishing.


What to Do When Your Child Strays

It often begins with a phone call. It may be from a police officer, teacher, pastor, friend, or even from your son or daughter. Whoever it is, they are telling you something you never wanted to hear, something that causes you to go weak with shock, disbelief, and dismay:

“I’m moving out, I can’t stand you or your religion anymore.” “I’m pregnant.” “I’m living with my girlfriend.” “Mom, Dad, I’m gay.” “Your son has been arrested for selling drugs.”

Such words shake the very foundations of a home and family. Everything you’ve worked for, prayed for, and sacrificed for has just crumbled. Where do you go from here?

Loving Your Rebellious Child is not a “how-to” quick fix for parents of prodigals; rather it reads more like a wise companion coming alongside to bear the pain, understand the struggle, and to offer insights gleaned from the kiln of experience.

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Target Audience

Loving Your Rebellious Child is written for parents, relatives, and friends of prodigals ages 13 and up, with an emphasis on teens and young adults.
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