The Pound For Pound Principle

Becoming All God Designed You To Be

Mike Kai

God designed us with a specific set of talents. As with the parable that Jesus told in Matthew 25, some of us are given one talent, and others five. So how do we make the most of all the gifts God has given to us? In this liberating, powerful first book from up-and-coming pastor and speaker Mike Kai, readers will learn how to identify the talents they have, develop them to God’s full plan and purpose, and avoid the trap of the comparison game, which only brings shame and guilt. “I believe The Pound for Pound Principle has been breathed by the Holy Spirit to empower you as a steward of the gospel of Christ. And as each Christian acts with a spirit of endurance, he or she can anticipate with joy the “well done” of a faithful servant and receive an entrustment of much in the kingdom of God. This determined stewardship has been the fruit of Mike’s own life, and as you read this book, it will—by the holy, empowering grace of God—become the defining characteristic of your story as well.”
From the foreword by John Bevere,
Author/Speaker, Messenger International

Meet the Author

Mike Kai began in ministry as a youth pastor at Hope Chapel Kaneohe Bay, under the leadership of Pastor Ralph Moore. In 2001, he founded Hope Chapel West Oahu, a church that started with 40 members and has now grown to more than 3,000 in weekly attendance. His heart to equip God’s saints sparked the emergence of the Equip and Inspire Conferences, attracting hundreds of people from around the world. His ministry, Send Hope International, trains and mentors church-planters and missionaries who have been sent out to Australia, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines. Mike is a sought-after speaker throughout the United States and internationally. Mike, his wife Lisa and their three daughters make their home on Oahu.

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There is a shortage of one of the most important and crucial commodities in the world today: vision. One reason we lack vision is that we sometimes succumb to being average and then we are content with average results. My personal opinion is that most of us start out with great hopes and high aspirations to do something of significance. But when our best-laid plans do not materialize as envisioned, we shrink back and dumb down our vision to the size of our circumstances. For example, you may not be where you expected to be in this stage of your life or ministry, so due to discouragement, you might be afraid to dream of what could be. Your marriage may not be what you want it to be, and after years of trying to change one another, the temptation is to give up and settle for less in the marriage—mediocrity. Perhaps even more tragic is that I have seen others who started out desiring to be extraordinary in their pursuits, and for whatever reason, begin to convince themselves that they were called to be average. We will sometimes use tired expressions to comfort ourselves: “Oh, I guess it’s not meant to be,” or “I’m not super gifted so that must not be for me.”
Friend, do not believe for a minute you are called to be average in anything you do. You are a child of the King. The Lord has given you an inheritance. You have been called to be extraordinary! Not just ordinary. The pound for pound principle is all about being the best you can be in your weight-class, becoming the best you can be no matter where you are or what you do.

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Ship Date December 17, 2012. In-store January 15, 2013

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Key Selling Features

  • Foreword (on cover) by John Bevere.
  • Confirmed endorsements: Miles McPherson, Lisa Bevere, Brian Houston, Wayne Cordeiro, and many more.
  • Pastors one of the fastest growing churches in the Foursquare denomination.
  • In-demand speaker traveling frequently throughout US and abroad.


  • Major social media campaign, including book promotion at Mike's Equip and Inspire Conference, and other strategic speaking events.
  • Targeted publicity for major Radio and TV outlets.
  • Book Trailer at book website.