Sisters Of Lazarus

Beauty Unveiled

Paula K. Parker

Meet the Author

PAULA K. PARKER Is a nationally recognized American playwrite, author, and freelance writer. She is highly respected in the Christian entertainment industry and is frequently called upon to write about it. In 2010, her first novel was released, YHWH: The Flood, The Fish and The Giant, and the sequel, YESHUA: The King, The Demon and The Traitor, co-written with G.P. Taylor.


A heart warming & humorous re-telling of the story of Mary and Martha

Sisters of Lazarus: Beauty Unveiled is about Mary and Martha and their struggles with issues of self-worth. The author often wondered why the sisters were at odds and the book opens with Mary tiptoeing into the house as she returns from market with a hand- mirror for herself instead of saffron for Martha.

Beyond re-telling the Bible story, the book also shows that a woman’s value to God does not lie in appearance or the value which we place on skills, accomplishments, possessions, or intellect.

‘In Sisters of Lazarus, Paula K. Parker pens a riveting story of love, longing and faith. Parker’s novels bear the profoundly satisfying mark of her gift as a playwright. She combines masterful story-telling with well-crafted dialogue. The result is a cast of Biblical characters fresh and human and real. Through the eyes of Lazarus, Mary and Martha, the reader eagerly connects with three siblings from a normal, dysfunctional family. Gone are the dusty, unapproachable characters of Sunday school. Set in Bethany, 2000 years ago, Parker breaks the time barrier with her brilliant use of cultural detail. The veil lifts, and we are brought face to face with flesh and blood who jump off the pages and into our 21st century world. We resonate with their struggles, dreams, delight, disappointments, and the unpredictable ways God continually touches the human heart. Thank you Paula for giving a powerful new voice to another ageless story.’ 

Bonnie Keen – recording artist, actor, author

Product Details

ISBN // 978-1-78078-050-4 (Paperback)
             978-1-78078-097-9 (eBook)

PRICE // $13.99

PAGES // 232 pp

FORMAT // 5 1/2” x 8 1/2” PB

SUBJECT // FICTION/Christian/ Historical
                     (FIC 042 030)            

RIGHTS // World

SHIP DATE // August 12, 2013 

IN_STORE // September 10, 2013


Roma Downey


Target Audience

Fans of historical fiction from teen to adult, especially anyone with concerns about body image and self-worth.
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