Surviving Middle School

Essential Tools to Prepare You for the Road Ahead

Rick Bundschuh

(co-author of the bestseller Soul Surfer)

Meet the Author

RICK BUNDSCHUH is a writer, cartoonist and one of the teaching Pastors at Kauai Christian Fellowship in Poipu, Kauai. Born and raised in the sleepy beach town of Pacific Beach, Rick eventually abandoned California for the warm waves of Hawaii. Along the way in his journey he managed to become a veteran youth worker and much published author and cartoonist before helping to found Kauai Christian Fellowship in 1991. Rick, co-author of the bestseller Soul Surfer, lives in Poipu Beach with his wife Lauren, a vicious sounding (but posing) weenie dog and a quiver of surfboards.


No one prepares to fail, so why should you?

Starting middle school can be like a splash of cold water in the face. I mean, kick ball and foursquare are way behind you, and what lies ahead is a place you’ve heard stories about—and not all of them are good. So how do you survive middle school? By knowing what’s coming and understanding the secrets of success. Surviving Middle School brings laugh-filled—but extremely helpful—answers that are sure to give a jolt of confidence to any young “grom”. Written in an engaging and understandable style by veteran youth worker Rick Bundschuh, the co-author of the bestseller Soul Surfer, Surviving Middle School points the way through the potential rip-tides that kids face as they enter these unknown waters. Rick’s advice on dealing with the opposite sex, peer pressure, how not to be a geek, and more will make you smile and help you make the most of your big dive into middle school. So jump on in—you may even enjoy the water!

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Key Points


Target Audience

For young people preparing to start Middle School, and their parents.