Work - Prison Or Place Of Destiny?

Do we regard our place of work as a prison? Is our place of work where we fulfil God’s purpose for our life? Should church leaders consider returning to work?

David Oliver


This book is for every working man, woman and church leader: to challenge what we believe, what we preach, the language that we use and the way we behave, and to help us bring about a change in ‘doing church’ – where the church supports the workers as well as the workers the church.

Many people are restless, so dissatisfied, so frustrated because they can’t see a way out of the prison of work. Yet workers have a job to do for Jesus. It’s a high calling. But a hard one. And impossible without Christ.

‘Could you dare to believe that when you go to work you are fulfilling a destiny written into the software of your life from heaven’s programming department? Could you dare to believe this is what you were created for? If you could believe that, what difference would it make? Destiny! Just about every Christian you speak to is looking for the thing that God has apprehended them for.’ (David Oliver)

‘David Oliver has provided an important and much-needed reminder to all of us that our work matters to God. If you’re feeling unfulfilled or empty in your profession, this book will change your heart and give you practical, biblical solutions that can transform your work into worship.’
Clark Miller, Former Chief Strategy Officer, Focus on the Family

‘This book can change your whole perspective on life and give you tools to help you overcome drudgery and frustration in your working life. It certainly changed my outlook, and gave me a higher understanding of fullness of life!’
Carlos G. Kennedy, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Associate Director for African Festivals, Crusade Ministries

‘David Oliver gets it. More importantly, he lives it! I urge you to drink deeply from his well of God- given wisdom. He is a gift to the body of Christ, for such a day as this.’
Christian Overman, Director, Worldview Matters

Meet the Author

David Oliver — is founder of Insight Marketing and an international business speaker and consultant. He speaks regularly on radio and TV. David also works with apostolic and prophetic teams in the Salt & Light family of churches in the UK and overseas.

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978-1-86024-892-4 (paperback)
978-1-78078-219-5 (eBook)
208 pp
5” x 7.7/8” PB
RELIGION/Christian Life/General
August 1, 2014

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